Why do rabbits pee In their food dish?

Why are young rabbits going out of their way to pee in their food dish?

All rabbits go through a phase of pooping and peeing in inappropriate spots when young. If not spayed or neutered, this can continue into adulthood.

Q: I have two female, 2-month-old Holland Lops. They get along very well. Recently they started peeing in their food dish. We raised the food dish higher up, and now they just jump up onto it and still pee in it or over the edge and sometimes onto each other. Do you know of any way to stop this behavior?

A: That is just what baby bunnies do. They don’t know that the food dish is for food only. Babies will grow out of these behaviors. When they are about 3 to 4 months old, they will become hormonal and will start having other behavior problems, such as pooping and peeing everywhere.

To minimize the problem for now, get a very small food dish so they can’t sit in it. Also, make sure they have a big litter box with rabbit-safe litter in it and hay piled on top. This will help to start litter training.

When your rabbits reach about 4 months old, they will become hormonal and may start marking their living area with urine and poop. If you have them spayed at about 5 months of age, the hormones will die down and they will start using their litter box.

By this time your rabbits should have stopped peeing in their food bowl, so you can go back to a larger food bowl. Rabbits will be rabbits, and these are just normal things they do.

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