What is your perfect pet?

High energy

If you bounce out of bed each morning full of energy, you’ll need a pet that can keep up! A dog will not disappoint; look for a breed to suit your living arrangements. Jack Russell Terriers, Border Collies, and Boston Terriers are just a few of the high-energy breeds which could be your perfect match. Be warned: if you don’t have time to give your pooch the daily exercise it needs, he/she might take it out on your garden!

Smart pets

Want a pet to outsmart the rest? You’re suited the smarty-pants of the dog world: Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, Poodles, German Shepherds and Border Collies. As long as you are willing to put in regular training time, these pets will stun you with there intelligence.

BudgiesClean freak

Do you hate mess but still really want a pet? Good news! There are some low-maintenance pets out there for you. Bird-lovers should opt for a budgie (or two so they can bond and stay occupied), which requires only a little cage cleaning. Shorthaired cats can also be a good option if they are well litter-trained. Also look into fish mice to limit the mess at your place.


A new addition to the family needs to fit in with the kids you already have. Guinea pigs make great furry friends without the cost or space requirement of dogs and cats. There are heaps of kid-friendly dog breeds out there- poodle, beagle and golden retriever just to name a few- but ultimately you need to interact with the dog to make sure it’s personality is a perfect match.

Bizarre pet

You’ve never been the conventional type so your pet needs to be out-of-the-ordinary. Consider going for reptiles, like snakes or lizards, which can be docile, easy to handle and super cool. You will need to get a license and seek out a reputable breeder but it is worth it.

terrapinesNo-fur pets

If fluff and fur is not your thing, stick to critters in tanks. A tank of colourful fish is one great option but also consider hamsters, turtles and even stick insects!

Cuddle buddies

Winter nights are so much more bearable when you have a cute friend to snuggle up to. Cats are awesome lap buddies as are many breeds of dog, like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Pocket sized

Small spaces call for small pets. Hermit crabs are fascinating creatures that will be happy to live in a tank and feed on vegetables and store-bought pellets. Mice also love the tank life, just fill with a layer of cat litter and some toys.

Pretty pets

If your pet has to be a style statement, a tank of fancy fish is your solution. Siamese fighting fish make a gorgeous addition to the home and require little maintenance other than changing water and feeding.


Which pet is the kindest to the earth? Chooks not only supply you household with incredible fresh eggs but they eat through your food scraps. If you are not sure if chooks are right for you, opt for a chicken rental service to ‘try before you buy.’

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