What Cats do! Alphabetically Speaking

What Cats do! Alphabetically Speaking

A. Act nonchalant.

B. Be comfortable.

C. Control yourself.

D. Discriminate.

E. Explore.

F. Fake what you don’t know.

G. Grab at passing opportunities.

okey kokey catH. Have moments of wild abandon.

I. Ignore the ignorant.

J. Jog in your sleep.

K. Knead people.

L. Let it all hang out.

M. Make friends with your neighbours.

N. Nap often.

O. Overstep boundaries.

P. Play with your food.

Q. Quit while you’re winning.

R. Return to your favourite places.

S. See things others don’t.

T. Take your time.

U. Understand your human’s limitations.

V. View things from more than one perspective.

W. Wait at least 60 seconds before responding!

X. X-pect only the best

Y. Yawn and stretch at regular intervals.

Z. Zzzz in the sunshine…

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