Victoria (Tori)

Growing up on a sheep/beef farm in Pembrokeshire has meant that I’ve been a casual farm hand all my life; feeding the animals, mucking out the sheds, repairing fences, treating the sick, lambing season, helping out with TB testing and AI, exercising and grooming the horses.. and the list goes on and on, as many of you will know that a farmer’s job never ends!

I have experience with:-

  • sheep;
  • cattle (beef and dairy);
  • chickens;
  • ducks;
  • pigs;
  • horses;
  • dogs, big and small!;
  • cats;
  • guinea fowl;
  • hamsters; and
  • snakes.

I have also fostered dogs on a long term basis at my own rental property before they go into their forever home with Valley View Rescue Centre.  This includes walking, feeding, training, and caring for them in my own home 24/7.

I fill my spare time with learning languages, baking, walking in beautiful countryside or on the beach, and getting lost in a good book. I also volunteer with the local Cadet Force as an adult instructor which means I have passed relevant First Aid, Safeguarding Children and DBS check.

I look forward to meeting and looking after those special animals in your life!

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