Velvet Swimming Crab – (Necora puber)


Also known as: Velvet swimmer crab, Devil crab and witch crab
Previously known as: Macropipus puber
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Crustacea
Order Decapoda
Family Portunidae
Genus Necora

Statistics, Behaviour & Habitat

A large, active and highly aggressive crab. They are also quite powerful and even a small one can snap a pencil in half. Most crabs will turn and run whilst this species will turn and face the attacker raising itself up and lifting the pincers wide. However, they have been known to swim away from predators such as cuttlefish. (BBC Sea Life)

This fast moving crab has a flattened carapace (shell) which is wider than it is long, up to 13cm in width. (ARKive)

The eyes are red and the colours of the upper surface of its body is a beautiful blue and red in colour but it has a reddish-brown velvety covering, which disguises the blue colouration and earns the species its common name. (ARKive) (see picture below).

Download the whole paper on this here.


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