Tropical Fish Keeping for the New Hobbyist

Expert advice and guidance to help you create beautiful and healthy aquariums

When starting out in aquatics it can be hard to know where to begin , especially as you will often receive such conflicting advice. Here at Tropical Fish Keeping, we aim to provide you with expert advice and reviews to help you make the right decisions for you and the aquarium you create.

Keeping Tropical fish is an immensely rewarding hobby when armed with the right knowledge and the correct equipment and fish, to maintain a healthy, happy aquarium.

With years worth of experience in keeping Tropical fish and working in the industry, you will find we can offer a well informed point of view, to make sure you get the most out of the hobby.

On this site you will find a mixture of:

  • Guides on types of fish, what species can and can’t be kept together, what size aquariums are required for different species, which fish to avoid and how to provide the best environment and diet for your chosen fish.
  • Reviews of aquariums, equipment and buying guides.
  • News from the aquatic world.

We hope this provides you with a valuable resource, to make your first steps in to aquarium ownership a pleasure.

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