The True Story Behind the Donkey

The first findings of donkeys come from archaeological records and ancient art. In the Egyptian tomb of King Tutankhamen, archaeologists found depictions of donkey hunts. Donkeys were used for many purposes in the ancient times. Not only were these animals hunted but they were also domesticated. They provided a means of transportation for agricultural goods and humans themselves.

Miles10The domesticated donkey is believed to be the descendent of the wild ass, Equss africanus. More specifically, donkeys come from the Somali and Nubian wild asses. The first captivity of the wild ass was in Egypt and western Asia dated back as early as 2800 B.C. to 2500 B.C. It was not until 1000 B.C. that the donkey became the common means of transportation through Egypt, Asia , and parts of Europe.

Donkeys even found their way to the New World through the voyage of Christopher Columbus. He aided in the migration of these animals when he brought four males and two females to America. Once in the Americas, they were bred and produced mule offspring. The mules were used by the Spanish throughout their conquests. It was not until the gold rush that donkeys become increasingly important in America. During this time, donkeys were used for hauling gold around the mountainous mines.

Brick-Kiln-DonkeyThe domestication of donkeys continues to be important today. They are used for transportation of agricultural goods, building materials, and people all over the world.

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