Terms and Conditions

Preseli Animal Homecare (’PAH‘)

1 Initial consultation
Prior to the consultation or the first day of service, PAH will need to collate all notes of the Client of their pets requirements. Once a sitter has been established, the Client is free to look over their sitters individual profile, client testimonials, PAH’s insurance document, any relevant qualifications, CRB checks and Code of Conduct via the PAH website. Clients can book a pre-visit and this visit is chargeable at a rate of £11/hour plus mileage @ 40p/mile. Alternatively, the sitter can arrive one hour before the agreed time on the first day of a homestay to go over all details supplied and to meet all the Client’s pets.

2 Supply of Services
PAH is dedicated to providing a home based pet sitting service to ensure the Client’s animals receive a seamless transition of takeover of care from Client to Pet Sitter.

The Client shall be responsible for supplying PAH with (1) all information necessary for satisfactory performance of the services, including any dietary, nutritional or exercise requirements of the Client’s animal(s) and any other instructions for the well-being of the Client’s animal(s) (2) confirmation that the Client’s veterinary practice will provide medical care to the Client’s animal(s) (if required) and bill the Client directly in respect thereof (3) any instructions or conditions relating to the Client’s premises including but not restricted to the grounds, outbuildings, machinery and appliances therein during the agreed length of stay of the Pet or House Sitter.

3 Animal Care
PAH asks that the Client provides supplies of animal food, treats, blankets, toys, medicine, etc needed for the duration of the service. Any additional food that needs to be purchased before the Client returns will be invoiced at the end of the month following the stay.

The Client must declare any tendencies their animals may have such as aggressive behaviour or any nervousness in any way and whether it/they could potentially cause damage to for example, the Client’s house, other animals, the pet sitter or the pet sitters personal belongings including the pet sitters vehicle.

The Client must disclose full medical history of all their animals and notify PAH of any current/ongoing illnesses their pets may have so the Sitter is fully aware of care package they need to follow. The Pet Sitter will carefully observe the pets well-being daily and inform head office of any unusual activity, behaviour or eating practices that may be of concern to the animal’s health and in some cases may contact the Client’s veterinary practice should the animal suddenly require specialist care and attention.

The Client should inform us of any major and potential life threatening illness their pets may have that could possibly worsen while they are away and let us know what End of Life procedures they would want us to follow.

4 Costings
When booking a homestay (where the sitter stays overnight at the Client’s home), start and finish dates and times must be provided for accurate costings to be drawn up. A full homestay day consists of any length of time within working hours (between 8am/9am and 5pm/6pm). Daycare, where an overnight is not required is charged at the same rate as a Gold homestay and is relevant for hours between 8am-5pm or 9am-6pm. Half day daycare consists of between 2 and 4 consecutive hours during daylight hours and has a lesser charge than a full day. Should the client need the sitter to arrive after 6pm then that evening is chargeable at half day rate. If timings are unknown when the booking is made each day, and/or evening as applicable, will be chargeable at the full rate.

Sitters working hours (ie, hours available to perform the daily care routine) are from 8am until 10pm. While on a homestay, if you require out of hours work to be performed ie, overnight care between 10pm and 8am, then an additional charge of £10 per hour will be incurred. In order to keep in line with minimum wage while on a homestay, actual hours performing animal duties should not exceed three hours for a Gold stay and four hours for a Platinum one.

5 Mileage
Mileage is chargeable @ 40p/mile for all services (or 30p/mile if the travelling distance is over 100 miles) as a one-off round trip charge for both homestays and for each individual single visit.

You will be sent a quote for services as requested via email (or through the post if you do not have internet access) but you are under no obligation to accept this quote and should you wish not to go ahead with the booking, there will be no cancellation charge.

Quotes for homestays remain provisional until a 50% deposit has been paid. Should other enquiries be received for homestays that overlap your quoted period of time, you will be given a further 48 hours to decide if you wish to go ahead with your booking or not.

7 Payments Terms / Cancellations / Refunds
The Client shall pay the required fee in respect of the services.

The deposit paid for homestays confirms the booking which in turn acts as confirmation that the Client is in full agreement to these Terms and Conditions. The deposit is only refundable if the service is cancelled within 15 days from the day it was paid.

The balance for homestays or daycares must be paid in full one calendar month before cover is due to commence and this final payment is non refundable. Full payment for any bookings that are made within one month of the service start date are payable with immediate effect.

Invoices for visits and dog walks performed throughout each month will be sent out at the end of that respective month and payment is due within 7 days of receipt of this invoice.

A deposit is not required for visits or dog walking services.

Any breach in payment of fees may result in your booking being cancelled.

No monies will be refunded should the client return early from their holiday and if the length of stay is extended for whatever reason an invoice will be sent out to cover the additional services provided.

Payment can be made by cheque made payable to “Preseli Animal Homecare” and sent to the address below or by bank transfer to sort code: 09 01 28, account number: 02079955, stating your name in the reference.

8 Late Payments for Visits
PAH reserve the right to add an administration charge of £25 per month if payment has not been received after one month of the due date.

9 Key holding and Security
When leaving your home and animals in the care of one of PAH’s sitters, the Client agrees to allow the sitter access to the house either by giving the sitter a key to the house and/or access to areas where animals are being kept in order to perform their duties properly. The key will be return safely to the Client on their return or be kept by the sitter for future use, whichever is the Client’s preference.

The Client must inform us of all security systems in place inside and/or outside the property.  Video/photographic footage must not be recorded/taken of the sitter without their prior knowledge.

10 Photos
While on assignments, the sitter may take photographs of your animals and send them to Head Office for loading onto this website and other media sites for advertising purposes. The photos will be used as a visual aid of the pets that PAH get to look after and will remain totally anonymous. Should you not wish photos of your animals be used in this way, please opt out by requesting in writing when first booking our services. By not opting out, PAH reserve the right to retain and use these photographs in any form and as such cannot then be retracted.

11 Warranties and Liability
PAH warrants that the services will be provided using reasonable care and skill and, as far as reasonably possible, in accordance with the Client’s instructions.

Any accidents or damage caused by the Pet Sitter will be covered by PAH’s insurance however PAH’s insurance becomes invalid if the Client allows any other key holder other than the Pet Sitter to enter their property or premises or have access to the animals that will be under the care of the Pet Sitter.

The allocated Sitter will not admit any unauthorized personnel into the client’s home.

If agreeable to the Client, the sitter may at times be visited by their own partner / wife / husband. While the Sitter’s partner is at the client’s home, the Sitter assumes full responsibility for them, ensuring that they conduct themselves according to the Client’s instructions.

It is advisable but not compulsory that the Client arranges with their household insurer to extend their policy to cover losses, damage, etc, incurred whilst the house sitter is present.

There is no cover under PAH’s insurance policy in respect to damage of the Client’s property where such damage is caused by an animal that belongs to the Client. With regards to farms and small holdings, should an animal escape from their enclosure where is it not the fault of the pet sitter, and cause accidents or damage to other private or public property, it is the responsibility of the Client to make a claim through their own insurance.

The Client is responsible for ensuring all measures have been undertaken to the best of their abilities with regards to the safety of their animals which includes securing all outside animal/poultry housing/fencing to prevent any potential attacks/threats by predators/vermin.  The sitter will be inspecting these areas on a daily basis and endeavour to mend to the best of their ability any breaches that they notice during their stay but if the level of security is low upon our arrival, PAH cannot be held responsible for any loss of animal/poultry by predators/vermin that may occur.

In case of emergencies, if the Client has not left relevant contact details for example plumber, electrician, gas engineer, then PAH will call out their own emergency contact services in order for a ‘quick fix’ to be performed which will be charged directly to the Client.

Head Office will inform the Client immediately should a Pet Sitter become ill, or is no longer available for whatever reason, either before commencement or whilst performing their pet sitting duties and replace that person with the next available Pet Sitter to ensure continued service.

While a Sitter is on a homestay, to ensure the safety and security of the Sitter and their personal belongings and the Client’s home and possessions, PAH retains the right to terminate the homestay contract at any time if a key holder other than the contracted Sitter let themselves into the Client’s property during the homestay without prior notice or agreement with PAH.

PAH do not tolerate any form of verbal, written or physical abuse of any kind. Should any of PAH’s office staff or Sitters suffer in this way, PAH reserve the right to cancel any contracts in place with immediate effect and in such an event no monies already paid will be refundable to the Client.

If a house sit has been terminated for whatever reason and the Client’s home is within a 30 mile radius of head office, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, then it will be possible upon agreement with the Client to revert to visits by Martin Hughes for the remainder of the booking to ensure continued care of the Client animals and any additional costs, ie mileage charges, will be invoiced to the Client upon completion.

12 Complaints
Should the Client have any complaints of the services received they should initially telephone Martin Hughes at Head Office within 24 hours of the last day of the visit and immediately follow up this call in writing or email complete with full details including any photographic evidence for a full investigation to take place.

Head Office: Martin & Julia Hughes, Preseli Animal Homecare, 4 Cromie Avenue, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA61 1BP
FREEPHONE: 0800 085 5998 / MOBILE: 07792 802419
Website: www.petsitterservices.co.uk / Email: hughes@preselianimalhomecare.co.uk

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