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Services: Small

24 Hour Emergency Cover

Here at Swanspool we are proud to say that we can offer you a full emergency service 24 hours per day, 365 days per year – and if you do need to see a vet out of normal surgery hours you will see one of our vets! Guaranteed!

Our small animal consultations are run throughout the day and encompass everything from vaccinations to advice on the general health and well being of your animal companions.

Small Animal Reproduction Consults
We also offer specialist consults on small animal reproduction. These include all aspects of breeding soundness, timing of mating, pregnancy continuation, advice on whelping / ceasarian sections, swab cultures and semen evaluation.

Nurse Clinics
Our nurses run various clinics giving you invaluable advice on a variety of subjects from feeding and nutrition, weight management, care of geriatric animals through to behavioural consultations.

Pets Passport Scheme
If you are planning to go abroad with your pet we are able to help you get everything sorted before you go. It is our recommendation that you come and book an appointment at least 6 months before you depart, therefore enabling you to get all the relevant vaccinations and paperwork finalised before you leave.

We are now able to offer you state of the art digital xray, which was installed into the practice at the end of 2006. This new facility enables us to obtain clearer and more diagnostic images during our investigations.

As an extra diagnostic service we also offer ultrasound. This tool enables us to visualise internal soft tissue structures, which is a useful adjunct to radiography.

In House Laboratory
Our in house laboratory enables us to process the majority of samples taken the very same day. We are able to analyse haematology and biochemistry blood samples, complete urine analysis and identify a wide variety of parasites – naming just a few tests.

Soft Tissue and Orthopeadic Surgery
Our modern surgical facilties enable us to carry out many different types of operations, in custom built surgical suites. On top of our diagnostic facilties, this assits us in manintaing a high level of surgical success stories.

Yet another diagnostic tool we have at our disposal is the endoscope. The endoscope is used to examine the digestive and respiratry tracts of our companion animals and if necessary is used to collect samples from these areas to send to the laboratory for further analysis.

Routine Surgery
We also offer a range of routine surgical procedures from neutering to anal gland removal.

Looking after your pets teeth is extremely important – with the help of our dentistry services we can help to maintain a healthy mouth for your pet. Whether its just a descale and polish or extraction we can accomodate your pets dentistry needs.

Allergy Testing
Is your pet itching and scratching? We can offer skin work-ups that also include allergy testing.

Home Visits
In very special / exceptional circumstances we can also offer small animal home visits.


Services: Equine & Large

24 Hour Emergency Cover

Here at Swanspool we are proud to say that we can offer you a full emergency service 24 hours per day, 365 days per year – and if you do need to see a vet out of normal surgery hours you will see one of our vets! Guaranteed!

Routine Visits
We offer routine visits for horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, alpacas and game birds. You may be surprised how far we travel!

Routine and advanced dentistry including electric work, wolf tooth removal and other simple extractions.

Examination by scope for coughing horses of trachea, larynx, guttural pouches and upper respiratory tract.

Export Certificates
Planning to take your horse abroad – we can help you with all the paperwork you will need.

Medicated Feedstuffs
Do you have poultry and require a medicated feedstuff prescription – we are able to help.

Horse identification
It is now a legal requirement to have a DEFRA recognized passport for your horse. The significance of these passports is the presence of section IX, part A or B, one of which must be signed. This relates to possible “intention for slaughter for human consumption”. It is necessary to get all passports transferred into you name within 30 days of acquiring a new horse. Any new passports, irrespective of the age of the horse, can only be issued if the horse has been micro-chipped. All foals, born between January and end of June must be pass-ported buy the end of that year, those born between July 1st and the end of the year must be pass-ported and within 6 months of birth.

Castrations can be performed from any age, but usually between 6 months and 2 years. We try to do as many castrations sedated and standing as this is a quicker procedure, posses fewer risks to the horse and is cheaper. However, sometimes it is necessary to perform the procedure under a general anesthetic. The better handled the horse the more routine the procedure.

Sadly we all need to consider what may happen after our horses pass away. Most owners prefer a cremation disposal after chemical euthanasia. We are happy to arrange collection and advise with regards standard disposal, with no ashes returned, or individual cremation, which allows the return of all your horses’ ashes, in a casket. When an elective euthanasia is arranged we like to co-ordinate with the collection service to minimize un-necessary delays and stress. However some owners still prefer for their horses to go to their local hunt kennels. For this to be the case we need to perform the euthanasia by use of a gun.

Sometimes circumstances may not allow us to offer a choice of methods of euthanasia but usually we can offer either the injection or gun. It is sometimes necessary to sedate the horse before the final administration. This helps to calm what is often a tense situation and so makes the procedure go more smoothly. Every horse reacts slightly differently in their final moments but however it is performed, the horse is usually unconscious before it comes to rest on the ground. However, it is usual for them to breath intermittently for a further three minutes. If you would prefer it can be arranged for the hunt kennels to both shoot and collect your horse, which will usually be less expensive.

With our ‘state of the art’ fully portable digital x-ray machine we can visit to radiograph virtually all aspects of your horse, including the naviculars, stifles, neck and teeth, with instant viewing and diagnosing. Ideal for lameness work-ups and when liaising with farriers.

Bloods and Lab work
Having our own ‘in-house’ testing equipment we can check red and white blood cell parameters and look for organ damage. These results are usually available the same day as sampling, allowing for same-day diagnosing for the sick horse. Other more intricate tests have to be sent away to specialist laboratories where necessary.

We offer pre-purchase 2 & 5 stages vettings, as well as examinations for insurance. 2 stage vettings; includes eyes, heart, lungs, limbs and body and soundness evaluation. Facilities needed include a dark stable and a 30 meter firm flat area for trot-ups. 5 stage vetting; includes 2 stage vetting but with additional flexion tests before and after a strenuous ridden phase. Facilities required include quiet dark stable, firm flat trot-up area and suitable area for ridden exercise at walk, trot and canter. On the day of the vetting the horse should not be exercised, and preferably have been stabled all day. For reasons of professional conduct we may decline to perform vettings if we feel there may be a conflict of interests. This does not necessarily mean there is a problem with the horse!

Routine dental work is advised at least every 12 months. With our motorised rasp and other hand instruments we offer a “better than basic” level of dental care. This includes routine rasping, molar extractions, motorised reductions of abnormal arcades, bit-seats and wolf tooth removals.

We have 3 fully portable scanners; Rectal scanner for fertility work (equine and bovine), Digital scanner for tendon scanning (battery powered), Combined tendon and fertility scanner. These scanners are in constant use, allowing us to provide on-sight diagnoses for lameness cases and fertility work in the comfort of your own stable!

Breeding your own foal is becoming much more popular, and now with the increased availability of chilled and frozen semen, and the opportunity for “home insemination” it is a rapidly growing service we are providing. A natural covering from a stallion holds the greatest success at least expense whilst insemination with frozen is the most intense, and expensive. However there are many benefits to AI over natural covering. Primarily this is convenience. Whether using chilled or frozen from a stallion as far away as from abroad, the mare need not be sent miles away, but can be kept locally. Perhaps just as importantly we can control the insemination to reduce the potential for infection and complications, often seen with natural coverings. To help plan ahead we are offering an AI package. This is an affordable and comprehensive package designed to include all aspects of a routine insemination.

Flu and/or tetanus vaccinations, starting from 6 months of age: 1st to 2nd vaccination = 21 – 92 days (inclusive) 2nd to 3rd vaccination = 150 – 215 days (inclusive) Then annually = within calendar year (FEI competition rules = within the previous 6 monthly but not the preceding 7 days) The significance of these timings is not just for the animals immunity but more importantly to abide with the jockey club rules, adhered to by the racing community, pony club and other societies. The consequence of falling outside of these dates can mean being declined entry to certain venues, including pony club camp. Immune stimulation by a vaccine requires an ‘immune response’ from the horses. This naturally can result in a raised temperature. This is usually short lived and usually goes un-noticed. However, some times your horse may appear quiet and dull for 24hours.

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