Spaying or neutering can lengthen your pets’ life

ATHENS, GEORGIA — A recent study conducted at the University of Georgia and published in the article PLOS ONE found that not only does spaying and neutering your pets help control the population but it also could lengthen their lives.

The study analyzed 40,139 death records from the Veterinary Medical Database over a 20 year span. The researchers found that the average age at death for intact dogs (not spayed or neutered) was 7.9 years, while the average age at death for dogs that were spayed or neutered was 9.4 years.

It is noted that if dogs stay intact they are more likely to die from infectious disease or trauma because some of the reproductive organs can suppress their immune system.

According to assistant professor of internal medicine at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Kate Creevy:

“At the level of the individual dog owner, our study tells pet owners that, overall, sterilized dogs will live longer, which is good to know.”

If you are interested in prolonging your pets’ life, you might want to consider spaying or neutering if you have not already.


Paul Lawrence

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