Settling Fish Into Your Tank

Settling Fish Into Your Tank

Moving fish from one home to another is a stressful experience. A badly transported fish will have health problems or even die. Understanding what acclimation is and how to do it properly will minimise this risk.

What is acclimation?

Fish_Rates-300x180Acclimation is the process of introducing fish into a new environment with minimal disturbance or sudden change from their existing environment. The most common situation where correct acclimation is required is when purchasing and transporting fish from an aquarium retailer and introducing the fish to your aquarium. In the case of purchasing new fish, the initial acclimation is carried out as soon as you arrive home with the fish, and is normally completed within half an hour, although the fish themselves may take a few weeks to fully adjust to a new aquarium.

Why do fish need to be acclimatised?

Water has many properties such as hardness (amount of dissolved minerals), pH (acidity or alkalinity), salinity (salt content), and temperature which fish will become used to in the particular body of water they live in. Because a fishes body functions are directly linked to the water around them, a sudden change in any of these water conditions will result in physiological stress to the fish. In cases of strong differences of conditions, this can result in a weakening of the immune system causing disease and even death. – See more at:

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