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About Priory Vets

At Priory Vets you will find a friendly, co-operative team ready to help whenever you and your animals should need it.

We have you and your animals’ best interests at heart and endeavour to provide a thorough, professional and efficient service. We offer a dedicated out-of-hours emergency service so that we can best provide for your animals.

Priory Veterinary Limited is a well established mixed animal practice, serving the needs of local farmers, breeders and pet owners. Our large animal and equine vets are to be found out on the road paying visits to clients, while our small animal vets, nurses and administrative staff are based in our Cardigan and Aberaeron surgeries.

Small Animals

Our highly-skilled team of dedicated veterinary surgeons and nurses work hard to provide the best possible care for all our small animals, 365 days a year, 24/7.

Priory Vets in Cardigan was founded in 1935 and has been at our present premises in Gwalia Gardens, Pwllhai since 1976.

Farm Animals

Priory Vets has been an integral part of the local farming community for over 75 years. Our aim is to work with local farmers to minimise disease and maximise welfare, productivity and ultimately profitability.

Two years ago, the Large Animal and Equine Department moved from the town centre to spacious new premises at Unit 11, Parc Teifi . The new site has ample space for lambings and examining calves, stocks for equine work and offers easy access and parking for farm and equine clients.


Veterinary care is as much about maintaining good health and performance as it is about treating illness and accidents. Many diseases can be prevented by good management, and health care strategies.

Pre-Purchase Examination
To reduce the risk of buying a horse that may have health problems or become unsound in the future, we strongly recommend a pre-purchase veterinary examination. If you choose to insure the horse, your insurance company may also request the examination prior to insurance.

General Health Assessment
Our health assessments include general body condition, weight, heart and lung function, eyes, teeth and blood tests (when required). We are happy to advise on exercise, nutrition, worming and vaccination protocols.

A vaccination programme will ensure that your horse has maximum protection against common, yet serious infectious diseases. The two most important vaccinations that every horse should receive are influenza and tetanus.

There is also a vaccination against Equine Herpes Virus (EHV1 and EHV4). Please see our fact sheet for further information.

Worm egg counts are an essential part of any worming programme for horses, as it is important to find out if any worms are actually present before beginning treatment. Current research has shown that some types of worms are now showing resistance to particular wormers, and that the overuse or incorrect timings of worming treatments can in fact make this problem worse.

At Priory Vets our trained team can carry out in-house faecal worm egg counts, in order to help work out an effective and efficient worming routine for your horse. This test not only identifies the number of worm eggs but also the type of worms.

We consider that dental care is an essential part of your horse’s preventative health care plan. We recommend all horses have their teeth checked at least once a year, more regularly for those with dental abnormalities. Our dental service includes everything from routine rasping to advanced dental techniques such as cheek tooth extractions. Dental correction can be carried out using the latest electric power tools that make procedures more comfortable for your horse. Sedation can be administered when necessary.

Dental procedures can be carried out at your premises or at our Equine Unit at Parc Teifi, where we have stocks that offer extra safety for horse and handler.

Our top of the range stocks enable us to carry out many procedures and treatments with increased safety for horses and handlers. These procedures include taking X-rays, ultra-sound examinations, dental correction and minor standing surgical treatments.

Priory Vets offer a wide range of equine reproductive services for your mare. These include pre-seasonal swabbing and blood sampling (for mare and stallion] artificial insemination and pregnancy scanning. We also carry out post-foaling checks and treat mares for retained placentas in emergency situations.

Hoof Care and Lameness
Lameness in horses is a very common problem, and it is one of the most likely reasons a horse will need veterinary attention. Our vets can carry out a thorough examination to assess your horse for lameness, determine the cause of lameness – whether it be a sports injury, suspected fracture, tendon injury or swollen joint, and recommend appropriate treatment.

Vets are also able to advise on hoof care and diagnose and treat hoof ailments.

Colt Castration
We routinely castrate colts under standing sedation or recumbent (lying down) under anesthesia. Castrations are carried out when both testicles are descended.

Minor Surgery
We can carry out a number of surgical procedures including skin lacerations, removal of foreign bodies, irrigation of lesions etc. Treatment can be carried out at your own premises or at our equine facility in Parc Teifi.

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