Pig Fun Facts

Pig Fun Facts

Other Names

A pig is also called swine, hog, sow (female), boar (male), piglet (young).

Intelligence Level

Pigs are smarter than dogs!

Only magpies, chimpanzees, dolphins, whales, and elephants are known to be smarter than pigs.

Sweat and Mud

Pigs have no sweat glands and, therefore, do not sweat. Which means, pigs are clean: they do not sweat and become greasy. They only get dirty when they roll in mud to cool themselves off.

Pigs need mud on their body for the following reasons: to cool themselves off (since they can’t sweat) and to keep bugs and other insects off their body.

Miscellaneous Facts

A Pig’s best sense is its smell—its long spout is very sensitive and can smell food a few feet below the land surface.

There are some records of pigs eating their own piglets!

Ticks and fleas usually do not get on pigs because pigs’ skin is too thick to be easily bitten.

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