Peace of Mind

Pets are happier when they are in their own familiar environment, following their normal routine, so when you can’t be there for them, Preseli Animal Homecare can. By providing you with this extremely professional and personal home and animal care service, you get total peace of mind knowing that your beloved pets will be looked after to your own high standards while you’re away.

Happy pets
Our services offer an alternative to putting your animals in either a cattery or kennels. You may also own different types of pets other than cats and dogs. All our Carers are highly trained, friendly, reliable and dedicated to their work. They have experience with all creatures, great or small and we are able to cover any home within the UK whether you live in a house, small holding or on a farm, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

24 hour emergency back up service
There is a 24 hour helpline which is available to yourselves and our Carers in case of emergencies and we have a back up procedure if a Carer should become ill during their stay, ensuring that we provide complete care coverage at all times.

Insurance cover
We are fully insured and a copy of our insurance details can be downloaded via this link Insurance document

Home security
We also offer a house sitting service for homes without animals for security purposes. This is an especially useful service if you’re awaiting probate on a family members home or if your house is going to be unoccupied for a period of time. This presence throughout the day and night gives your home a lived in look which not only deters burglars, squatters and vandals but also ensure it stays heated in the winter and aired during the summer. The garden will be maintained, the post will be picked up so it’s not left to stack up, any plants will be watered indoors and out. We achieve this by providing visits throughout the day and/or we can sleep over. In the case of long term security coverage, we will provide you with a bespoke package that will be written with your needs in mind at a discounted rate.

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