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Preseli Animal Homecare needs YOU!

Preseli Animal Homecare are always looking for Animal Carers to join our merry team.

We are looking to recruit animal loving people who are fit and active with a mature, responsible head on them.

While on a homestay you will be required to stay over night at other people’s homes (including farms and smallholdings) and care for all their pets (domestic, exotic, equine and farm animals), homes, grounds and possessions while they’re away for anything from 1 day to several weeks at a time. Sitters should be available for work throughout the year, whenever they are required to undertake assignments.

Whilst the head office is based in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, we actually employ staff across both Wales and England.

There are two levels of homestay packages available – Gold or Platinum. The Gold level (which is no more than 3 hours actual work per day) means that you can leave the home for up to four hours per day to either explore the local area, nip home if you’re close enough or go off to do anything else and the Platinum level (which is no more than 4 hours actual work per day) means that you must stay in the clients home for the full duration of the stay with the exception of quick visits to the local shop to top up your basic provisions.

Your earnings will be £33.75/day (or £18.75/half day) for the Gold level and £41.25/day (£26.25/half day) for Platinum. Mileage is paid at 100% (from your home to the clients and back again as a one off journey – 40p/mile for single journeys less than 100 miles and 30p/mile for a single journey over 100 miles).

You will be employed on a zero hours contract and will receive wages on the 5th of the month following assignments undertaken. Assignments are allocated on an ‘as required’ basis and while we try and book you local jobs you may on occasions be required to sit anywhere within the UK. We cannot guarantee regular bookings but we will endeavour to keep you as busy as possible.

When you first start with us, your diary may seem slow to start off with but once you get going, you’re able to build yourself a regular customer base who will book you again over the year and ask for you back the following year as we like to keep a consistency going with our clients which is also best for the animals once they get to know you.

You will be expected to keep in daily touch with Head Office throughout each of your assignments and should you have any questions or have any concerns, no matter how small and insignificant you think they are, if you noticed any health problems with the animals that you haven’t been made aware of or an current illness has become worse, you must contact the office immediately.

Essential requirements to becoming a Pet/House/Farm Sitter

You must:-

  • have a good knowledge of all types of domestic animals and basic knowledge of farm animals, exotics and equines;
  • be able to recognise the first symptoms of common illnesses in all types of animals and be able act on it accordingly;
  • be able to exactly follow the information provided by the client on their animal and home care while on assignment;
  • be a good time keeper especially when administering medication to sick animals and turning up on time at a client’s home;
  • have your own transport and a UK driving licence;
  • have nothing to report on your DBS police check (if you don’t have a current one, we can obtain one for you);
  • be totally dedicated to upholding Preseli Animal Homecare’s high standards of care to clients animals and their homes following our Code of Conduct at all times;
  • be of a certain level of fitness to be able to carry out all types of duties in relation to animal welfare;
  • be IT literate as you’ll need to communicate with head office on a regular basis through email and text and be able to access essential client information kept on a database;
  • be able to take constructive criticism and convert negative feedback into positive forward thinking as we all appreciate that there is a certain learning curve when starting a new job;
  • not be afraid to pick the phone up and ask questions if there’s something you’re unsure of. We would rather you get the details right than muddle through;
  • be able to be away from home for a period of time and cope with the consequences this may cause, especially with regards to loved ones, pets you own and other commitments as you’ll need to be flexible whilst you’re away on a homestay. NB: You may take your wife/husband/partner on a homestay but you are not allowed to take your own pets.

Basic Rules During Homestay Assignments

1 Smoking and the heavy consumption of alcohol in the client’s home is prohibited.

2 You must never take a pet on a homesit.

3 Visitors are not allowed apart from visits from your partner or spouse having first obtained permission from the client and Head Office. Should your partner either visit or stay with you while on a house sit, you will take full responsibility for their actions and as such should ensure that they follow your instruction at all times and treat the clients home and animals with total care and respect.

4 You should never let anyone into the client’s home other than those already authorised by the client and agreed with Head Office, ie the gardener, cleaner or handyman/building contractors.

5 If you have a problems or are ill, you should contact Head Office immediately.

6 You should never undertake anything which might result in damage to the client’s property. If any equipment breaks down and cannot easily be mended, take action as instructed by the client, or consult Head Office before calling in professional assistance. Any other damage or loss of the client’s possessions must be reported immediately to Head Office.

7 You should not divulge the client’s whereabouts to anyone unless you have been instructed to do so by the client and respect the client’s privacy and confidentiality at all times.

8 If you’ve been asked to answer the phone, you should note any calls for the client, together with the time, date and caller’s name, and any message.

9 The client’s home phone must only be used for emergency purposes and for phoning Head Office on the freephone number only. Any private calls you wish to make should be made using your personal mobile phone.

10 Should you need to purchase additional animal feed or be asked to purchase any household goods, you must obtain a receipt and send them through to Head Office for reimbursement and invoicing purposes.

Benefits of Homestays

  • You get to stay in a variety of homes and enjoy their amenities and surroundings
  • You could potentially make considerable savings to your own household costs whilst on an assignment
  • A fantastic opportunity to see new places and explore different areas
  • You get to look after all types of animals but with no commitment or expense of owning them
  • You will receive a modest remuneration for doing something you absolutely love
  • The freedom and satisfaction of a work / life balance by not being tied down to a 9am – 5pm job

Support and Emergency Contact

You will operate under our direction and benefit from our support following years of experience. You can therefore enjoy your homestay knowing that nothing is left to chance. We primarily ensure that you and the client have a clear understanding of each other’s requirements, and our guidelines are designed to be in everybody’s best interests.

We provide individual support for each of our carers from the date that they join us. We provide a 24 hour hotline support so if you have a problem at any time of the day or night, you only have to call us. In the event of a carer becoming ill or having a personal crisis which results in your needing to leave a homestay, we will endeavour to find a replacement sitter as quickly as possible.

Are You the Right Person for the Job?

Home and pet sitting appeals to animal loving people from a wide range of backgrounds who not only enjoy a break and a bit of an adventure, but also want the security of a professional company backing them. Because of the very nature of the service we provide, it is essential that our clients have complete trust in us, and a clear understanding of what pet and house sitting involves.

You need to ask yourself whether you will be comfortable being away from your own home, social life and interests. It is also particularly important that applicants who plan to sit alone have their own hobbies and interests to occupy their time while not performing their daily duties. Ask your partner or spouse what they think of you being away for what can be long periods of time, as it likely that this type of job will not work out for you if they have any reservations.

Whatever your skills and situation, you should maintain a positive mental attitude with regards to respecting other people’s homes and possessions, a fondness for pets and a desire to provide a good service.

Ideal carers are adaptable, sensitive people who take their lead from the clients having put themselves in the client’s shoes. With these attributes, and a sense of humour, you should find home sitting extremely rewarding and fun!

The Application and Interview Process

We strongly advise that before applying, you carefully consider all the requirements that will be expected of you and you design your letter and CV in a way that reflects these qualities.

Please note that we will not be able to respond to any applications that fail to meet the basic criteria but if you don’t hear from us straight away, it may mean that we are away from the office and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you think this is the right job for you we would be delighted to hear from you. Please send your CV and a covering letter stating all your animal experience and details of any relevant qualifications to Applicants that do not state their animal experience will not be considered.

Thank you for your interest in our company.