Growing up I have always had a pet in the house, being two dogs, one with the sweetest temperament, the other a bit wild and two cats over time. While also visiting my cousins farm, which has had me around all kinds of farm animals including horses from an early age.

I have always had a love for and nurturing nature towards animals, having found an injured seagull on the beach and taking it in until it was fully healed and ready to go out into the world again, also having done this for smaller birds and the odd hedgehog. People wonder how their pets will react to others and I have found that animals are warm towards me. Whilst at University in Reading I would go to the dog shelter and walk the dogs having always felt a strong connection with them.

Having been around animals all my life it has taught me just how special they can be. An animal is never just a pet, it’s part of the family, deserving love and respect like any other.