I have a lot of experience with horses, having ridden them since I was four so I know how to groom them, feed, and muck out. I have owned dogs, cats – elderly and young, rabbits, fish, and some zebra finches.

Volunteered at the Greenacres Animal Rescue Centre, Pembrokeshire where I looked after the dogs, cats/kittens, donkeys, horses, pigs, goats, chickens, geese and a peacock.

My Uncle rescued animals – owls, rabbits, dogs, and a hedgehog.

I have also been to a monkey sanctuary, feeding all the different monkeys from marmosets to chimps, and have been on a meet and greet with Dyfed Powys Police Dog Handlers where I met the police dogs, and saw them in training.

I also have spent some time around parrots, snakes and lizards.