Picture with dragonI have personal experience working with a variety of animals. At home I own 2 dogs and 8 reptiles. In the past I have also kept small mammals like hamsters and rats, a pony and also a tarantula.

Because of my experiences at the Hawk Conservancy Trust and the Living Rainforest I also have experience dealing with species of raptors, other seed-eating birds, small primates, and other arthropods.

I’m very pleased to say that all of your job is done on a high standard and you perfectly met my expectations every time. I did not know if I could trust you at first, as my rabbit Lucy is very dear to me, but you have proven yourself and I would gladly use your services if I’ll ever have the need to. – All the best, Madara

Also at college I did both theory and some practical experience handling agricultural species like poultry, pigs, sheep, goats and cattle.

Work Experience

Hamerton Zoo Park

  • Feeding a variety of animals during morning and afternoon feeding rotas
  • Maintenance of animal enclosures
  • Food preparation
  • Maintenance around the zoo

Kyle has been volunteering with us at Hamerton Zoo Park once a week, since 12th July 2014. We have found him to be a friendly, helpful person, and is willing to “muck in” with any job he is asked to do. He is always dressed appropriately and always on time. – Rosa King – Carnivore Keeper & Work Experience Co-ordinator at Hamerton Zoo Park

Hawk Conservancy Trust

  • Maintenance and husbandry of bird aviaries
  • Manual work to tidy or fix fences and benches around the park
  • Food preparation
  • Handling owls around the public
  • Educating members of the public about raptors and the park

Port Lympne & Howletts Zoo

  • Educational course about animal enrichment
  • Built enrichment equipment for primates

The Living Rainforest

  • Food preparation and feeding the animals
  • Enclosure maintenance and husbandry
  • Educating members of the public


Wiltshire College, Lackham – BSc (Hons) Animal Science & Management and BTEC National Diploma Animal Management

Hobbies & Interests

Outside of working with animals I enjoy martial arts; which includes teaching other students. I am a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do and also have experience in aikido, ninjitsu, kung fu and shotakan karate.

I write to provide a reference on behalf of Kyle Barker. I have known Kyle for the better part of the past decade as a student, friend and part time employee on numerous occasions. He is attentive, considerate, honest and reliable. If you are considering him for employment of any kind you will not be disappointed. His attention to the detail will prove to be beneficial both in the short and long term. He is observant and a quick study of procedure and protocol. These are traits that will benefit any employer. – Will Brown – carpenter and martial art teacher

I also enjoy writing fictional stories, one of which has been recently self-published.

I also have been working part-time with a carpenter so I gained experience in building work places that are suitable for supporting heavy weight.