I have considerable previous experience with horses both personally and in employment: I have been a rider for 22 years and owned 3 horses myself.

I have also worked with them in some capacity for the last 4 years, working on a horse ranch in the US (this also gave me some experience with Bison, which I highly doubt will be needed here! However I imagine it is transferable to cattle in general). I assisted in all aspects of horse care, including feeding, grooming, catching and turn out, cleaning and maintaining stables and basic health checks. I took on further duties in my second and third year, graduating from assistant to lead on trail rides. This came with the responsibility of being in charge of up to 10 riders of varying degrees of ability, and matching them with suitable horses to ensure the safety of both client and horse at all times.

Then taking care of ponies, a goat, a pig and several species of reptile as part of an au pair job. I believe that job would also have prepared me extremely well for house sitting, as I was often in sole charge of my employers house so it is something I have previous experience with.

With regard to domestic animals I have previously had a Springer Spaniel and several Burmese cats as family pets and currently have a Siberian Husky, so I am familiar with looking after dogs and cats and the routines required for this. I have also cared for Bearded Dragons and an Iguana as part of my previous job, which has provided me with some first hand knowledge of some less common pets.