I have a diploma in Animal care level 2. In this course we covered a large range of animals such as domestic, exotic and farm.

Also in the past I’ve had dogs ranging from Cocker spaniels to my Caucasian shepherd. I also have 4 cats and I used to have farm birds and horses.

I worked in a dog groomers, I also looked after the ‘dog hotel’ side of things.

Experience – work

  • Dog groomers
  • Doggy day care
  • Veterinary work placement


  • • Diploma Level 2 in Agricultural Studies at Pembrokeshire College
  • • Diploma level 2 in Animal Care at Pembrokeshire College

Experience – home

  • Chickens, ducks, geese
  • Shetland horses x2
  • Dogs – 2 Cocker spaniels, 1 Labrador and 1 Ovcharka
  • Cats x4 including 2 Siamese