Gethin photoExperience

I’ve always been around animals and the last few years I’ve worked on a variety of different types of farms.

Gethin is a lovely person, I had lots of reports of my whippets looking very cool in his van on the way to the beach. He made me feel very secure that I could trust him with my pets and my home and the house was perfectly tidy when we returned which was very nice after a long journey. I would recommend him to anyone. – LR

I grew up with dogs and have always been around them, absolutely love them, and dog walks have been a staple part of my upbringing, as well as feeding, playing, wiping muddy paws. We had a very old dog in the family home until recently, he was 18 and I got used to recognising when he wasn’t well. As a kid I owned goldfish and mice too.

I get on well with cats also. I used to regularly house sit for my sister’s cat, so I’ve been around cats quite a bit and understand their needs.

Gethin did a wonderful job for us looking after our cats, dogs, pigs, poultry, terrapins and tropical fish for us while we were away. I have no hesitation to recommend his services to anyone else. MH

I worked at a free range egg farm in Pembrokeshire for a while a few years back. I learnt a lot about hens in this time, and was responsible for feeding and making sure there was sufficient water. I also learnt to spot and deal with ill birds.

I worked at a horse – riding stables in Sicily for a while, I’d feed the horses throughout the day and move them between fields occasionally and have been around horses on other farms here and there. I did a little bit of goat herding in Italy. I worked on another farm in Sicily and we cared for 5 small hen chicks which we reared from an incubator, there were various dogs, cats and puppies and geese which I regularly fed.


I have a love for the outdoors and spend my free time surfing, hill walking, cycling, wild camping, mountaineering, coasteering, swimming, bouldering. I’m an avid reader of Science Fiction and listening and playing music is a passion of mine. I also enjoy woodwork and have designed and built several surfboards, both wooden and fibreglass construction. I have a strong interest in self sufficiency, the environment and renewable energy.

One of my strong interests is in recycling, reusing old materials and resources to produce what I need to live and trying my best to rejuvenate and adapt things which are broken or no longer useful before throwing them away or replacing them. I grow my own fruit and vegetables, compost everything that I can, and I produce a very low amount of household waste.