Emily pic with dogI live on a small holding with my parents, so I have experience around sheep and horses as well as dogs, cats, tortoises, fish and rabbits. I have had a litter of seven babies off my rabbit and they all grew up healthy and were able to be sold on afterwards.

I have a Shiba Inu dog and a Border Collie Puppy that I help to look after which involves bathing and grooming her as her coat is thick and regularly shedding. I have done most of the training and looking after the puppy. I now look after two sheep and a horse every now and then. I feed the sheep and health check them and with the horse I will do some everyday tasks such as mucking out, feeding and turning out.

I am able to spot signs of illness quickly and I am able to act in the correct manner. I am first aid trained in humans and pets so in an emergency situation I know what to do. I am able to administer medication to the animals and I have had to do this with my own every now and then.

Just a quick note to let you know that we were really pleased with how Emily looked after our little (well, not so little) family and kept in touch while we were away.

She did exactly what she said she would and kept us completely updated with how everyone was. Now we have confidence as a result of the good experience of your company and, of course, Emily, it will make the decision to go away much easier next time. J

Great service, so thanks to you and to Emily who I have texted separately as well.

Have a good weekend and I will have no hesitation in recommending you should anyone ask!

Kind regards



Emily pic with sheepI finished studying animal management in June 2016 at Hartpury College. At Hartpury I achieved a double distinction star in the level 3 diploma in animal management.

Over the two years I have studied many subjects including Veterinary Nursing, Animal Biology, Animal Handling, Animal Health along with many more subjects. I performed duties throughout the first year which entailed caring for a certain group of animals from a rota which changed weekly. I was able to come out of my 2 years of studying with a double distinction star.

During the second year I undertook Tech for a Day, which involved helping the technicians in the animal rooms and assisting the first years with their duties. I have helped with an animal handling session on the summer fair the college hosted, I would get the animals out that people would want to handle and assist them in the handling of the animals. During my first year I helped my tutor with giving lessons about evolution at a primary school with some animals.

I have also got a level 3 award in Animal Communications and soon I will have a Level 3 Award in Animal Psychology.


Work Experience

Preseli Animal Homecare
House / farm / small holding sitting for the following animals:-

3 cats, 3 dogs, fish, chickens, horses, sheep, 2 pigs – Aberystwyth, Ceredigion
3 dogs – Llandysul
Pigs, chickens, 3 cats, horse, dog and sheep – Llanon, Ceredigion
3 dogs, 14 cats, 2 terrapins and a leopard gecko – Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire
2 dogs and a tortoise – Llangunnor, Carmarthen
2 dogs, 2 horses, sheep, ducks and chickens – Meidrim, Carmarthen
9 cats, 12 ducks, 9 hens and 1 dog – Newcastle on Clun, Shropshire
6 dogs – Rosemarket, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire
2 dogs – Llanstadwell, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire
1 boxer dog, chickens – Hayscastle, Pembrokeshire

REPTASIA – Shop Assistant
Looked after the reptiles in the shop. I was in charge of the general husbandry of the reptiles. I would feed them and make sure their waters are full and clean, for animals that have fruit and vegetables I would prepare the fruit and vegetables for the animals.

Mainly helped looked after the seals in the aquarium, cleaning and preparing food, but I would also help with the fish inside, I would feed them and clean the class on their tanks. I would help target feed the Terrapins and Axolotyl. I would also help with feeding demonstrations of the seals and rays.

BORTH ZOO – Zookeeper
Helped with the general husbandry of most of the animals, these would include most species of monkeys they have, the reptiles and the farm animals such as goats. I would help with the reptile show every now and then.

WHEATLANDS FARM – Yard Assistant
Turned out horses and ponies on a livery basis, mucked them out, brought them back in from the fields, and groomed them.

YATELEY RIDING ESTABLISHMENT – Show Ground Assistant/Arena Party
Working at local BSJA show ground, setting up courses, replacing jump poles as they were knocked over, being show secretary filling in entry form, checking the entry details and accepting entry fees.

Solely responsible for mucking out 12 horses/ponies in 2 hours and helping out other staff when finished. Fill up water buckets. Bed down horses / ponies. Turn out horses/ponies as necessary, and tack up to help young riders.

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