coral and border terrierDuring my time as a carer I worked at a farm so spent time around horses and cattle and have a current DBS certificate (click here).

I have a 10 year old Border Terrier cross called Lilu. I’ve had her since she was a 9 week old puppy. I love to go for long walks although she does have a touch of arthritis in her joints so these days we take along her doggy buggy so she can have a rest when necessary. She has always been kept up to date with her vaccinations as I think this is a very important part of owning a dog. I always clean up after her if she does her business while we are out and about. I do feel as though I am a responsible dog owner.

coral on horse

Dear Preseli Animal Homecare

Can I just say thank you to Coral for the few weeks she spent with us in Althorp, Northamptonshire.

I keep my horse at the location and Coral was looking after the others, we have become very good friends.

Coral is always so cheerful and lovely, she has a super way with the animals and is such a help. We (our Saturday help ladies) loved Corals company and it was so lovely to see her get on a horse! She even rode her around the fields on her second go and I hope she will visit again sometime.

I cannot recommend Coral highly enough, she is one super star!!


I love all kinds of dogs and cats. We did once have a cat for a weekend but we found out that my husband has an allergy to cats so it had to go back.

”Coral stayed in our house for one week when we went on holidays in July 2016. It was great to know that someone was here taking care of our house as well as the cat. She has been very friendly and helpfull. On our return we found our cat very relaxed, she looked as if we had never been away. Coral sent pictures and updates so we didn’t have to worry about our girl. We would highly recommend her as a pet sitter.”
Dave and Magda -Northampton

We have also Kept rabbits and Guinea Pigs. The rabbits lived in hutches in our garden shed. Before we moved to where we are now the rabbits had free run in the garden and just went back into the shed to sleep. We were unable to do that where we are now so they were in a run in the garden during the day then back into the shed at night.

One of the guinea pigs was a house pet who had his hutch in our living room. He would come into the kitchen in the morning for his morning carrot which he would carry back to his hutch to eat!

We left our small holding in the capable hands of Preseli and were thrilled with the service and level of care all of the animals on the smallholding received. The pigs, lambs, chickens, horses and dogs all received a five star service. Our lovely farm sitter went beyond what was asked of her and ensured we had regular updates (which we requested) whilst we were away. All of our instructions were carried out to the letter and the house was well cared for and spotlessly clean when we returned. It was very reassuring that if the farm sitter was unsure of anything she would contact us to check (such as would it be okay if she weeded the front garden) – this left us feeling extremely confident and happy with the service. We would not hesitate to use Preseli again; their professionalism and genuine care for our animals and home were outstanding. Jane S

We have also had a tank full of goldfish. Currently we have 7 fish, two of which are roughly 15 years old.

Until recently we also used to keep budgies. We only stopped after the last one died of old age and we decided to redecorate. We then noticed the destruction they caused as we always let them fly free in our house. They obviously LOVE wallpaper paste lol.

I have been visiting my friends stables recently and am learning how to pick horses hooves! I have really enjoyed this and am considering taking up riding lessons again.

Work History at Preseli Animal Homecare

Since working for Preseli Animal Homecare, I have had the privilege of looking after all types of clients pets and animals as well as their homes and gardens while they enjoy a well earned, relaxing and stress-free holiday.

  • Shropshire – 9 cats, 7 ducks, 4 hens and a guinea pig
  • Northampton – 3 dogs, 3 cats
  • Northampton – 1 cat
  • Somerset – 3 horses, 1 pony, 4 pigs, 10 chickens, 2 dogs and 3 lambs
  • Scotland – 100 chickens, 1 dog, 2 fell ponies, 4 sheep and pond fish
  • Northampton – 2 dogs, 2 horses and 1 feral cat


I worked with Coral when I was a staff nurse with the Rapid Response Community Nursing Service Based at Loughborough Hospital between 2001 and 2010.

Coral joined the service as a Health Care Assistant, initially providing night sitting services to support families caring for disabled, very sick and terminally ill patients at home. Coral also worked alongside the Staff nurses, including myself to provide sessional care to patients in the Community. Sometimes this care would be scheduled and planned and at other times it would be unscheduled urgent care. Coral was always able to handle anything that arose and was able to ‘think on her feet’.

She always approached her work with a deep and empathic understanding of the care needs of patients and their families.

I understand that Coral has been offered a post caring for animals and providing sitting services for clients.

I feel that she will again approach this with an empathic understanding of the needs of those in her care, including the need for owners to feel reassured that their animals and homes will be in safe and responsible hands.

I would describe Coral’s character as responsible, mature and caring. She is trustworthy, generous and reliable. She is also very gregarious and has a great sense of humour, but is also sensitive to the needs of others when appropriate. She communicates very well and I feel that this is important for any role or vocation.