Code of Conduct for Pet Sitters

It is the responsibility of the Pet Sitter to:-

 protect the Client’s property and possessions

 keep the house in proper working order

 care for pets and plants precisely in accordance with the instructions as agreed with the Client beforehand

10 point plan for house sitting

Each Pet Sitter must comply with all the points as listed below.

1. The Pet Sitter will act in the best interest of the pets in their care at all times, seeking veterinary advice or assistance if the animal sustains any injury while under their care or a know condition of a sick animal starts to deteriorate in any way.

2. Pet Sitters will update head office regularly while performing their duties and report any emergencies as soon as they arise.

3. The Gold Service requires the sitter to not be away from the home any longer than 4 hours at a time. Platinum cover means that the Client’s property will not be left unattended at any time. When leaving a property unoccupied, for however short a period, the Pet Sitter will ensure that the property is securely lock up, switching on all alarm systems, if installed, carrying a house key on their person at all times.

4. Having agreed previously with the Client, the Pet Sitter will arrive before the Client leaves in order to go over any last minute changes. They will then stay until the Client returns so that a continuous service can be met. If a Client is delayed and the Pet Sitter is unable to stay beyond the agreed times, or if the Pet Sitter becomes ill and/or is no longer able to fulfil their duties, the Pet Sitter will contact head office and a replacement will be made immediately.

5. Unless previously agreed with the Client, the Pet Sitter will not invite any other person(s) into the house (this includes individuals claiming to be family members).

6. The Pet Sitter will bring their own towels.

7. The consummation of non-prescribed drugs and smoking in any form whatsoever by the Pet Sitter is strictly forbidden.

8. The Pet Sitter may only consume the food package the Client has provided and any other food that is likely to perish before their return, ie ripe fruit, etc and will not consume any of the Client’s alcoholic drinks. The Pet Sitter will bring their own food during their stay.

9. The Pet Sitter will leave the house in as clean and tidy condition as the first day of visit.

10. The Pet Sitter will keep all information about Clients – their names, their movements, their property – strictly confidential (the ability to be discreet is an important part of the trust we aim to build with our Clients; it is destroyed by gossip or accidental name-dropping).

Pledge of Professionalism

The pledge of professional conduct is designed to guide Pet Sitters in the conduct of business, which shall represent the highest standards of ethical behaviour and humane attitudes towards animals and people.

As a Preseli Animal Homecare Pet Sitter I hereby pledge:

 To respect my fellow professional Pet Sitters and to treat employees, customers, and competitors with honesty and integrity;

 To refrain from saying, writing, or doing anything which would defame my competitors or bring embarrassment or dishonour to the pet sitting industry;

 To conduct myself in a professional manner and to enhance the pet sitting industry within the community;

 To deliver skilful, safe, compassionate care to all pets entrusted to my supervision;

 To keep all Client information confidential;

 To safeguard the Client’s residence by taking all reasonable precautions;

 To learn as much as possible about my career as a professional Pet Sitter so that I can provide superior service to each Client; and

 To continually improve my knowledge of the pet sitting profession by participating in educational opportunities.