Charlotte (Charley)

Charlotte picI have just completed my last year at university in Animal Science (BSc HONS) and have much experience volunteering at vets and stables which has given me a wider knowledge of large animals, exotics and small animals.

“I’m really pleased with Charlotte and hope to continue to use her services…” Wendy

During this experience I have gained a vast knowledge in animal health as well as being able to change any negative feedback into positive.

I have experience with most animals as I either looked after for friends and family, worked with them during my volunteering and also own or have owned a vast variety of them including cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, many different types of birds including parrots, I also own different types of geckos, snakes water dragons and tarantulas.

“Thank you for a wonderful service; Charlotte was fantastic and Keo clearly had a wonderful time with her.”

Work Experience

Woodbine Farm and Riding Stables
Working at Woodbine Riding Stables gave the opportunity to work and interact with a variety of people including children and people with learning disabilities. Tasks were given to complete individually and in groups and as soon as a routine was established tasks were left to be created and completed using initiative.

Can I just say how thrilled we were to have Charley come and stay and she did a superb job looking after the dogs, house and everything. DD

Animal House
Volunteered at the Animal House, a veterinary surgery, in order to gain valuable experience for chosen field. Both observing and hands on experience were under taken in a number of tasks, providing the opportunity to learn how to cope in high pressure situations and how best to deal with clientele in a sympathetic manner.

Blue Boar Farm
Looking after a variety of farm animals including cows, chickens and pigs. Undertaking feeding and cleaning of a number of animals and the exercising of 3 horses.

Additional Information and Training

  • Full Clean Driving License
  • Laboratory Experience with 2 years experience during university as well as 2 individual projects including third year dissertation project
  • Fully trained Marine Mammal Medic


  • Keeping and increasing knowledge about animals including a variety of exotics
  • Avid reader (fiction and non- fiction)
  • Writer
  • Horse Rider and assisting with younger members
  • Listening to music