My name is Carrie, I have had a passion for animals for as long as I can remember from owning my first cat to owning a horse. I currently have a dog called Mason he is a Chocolate Labrador X Springer Spaniel who is currently 9 years old. Last year we spent a lot of time at the vets due to him rupturing his cruciate ligament in his left leg. I spent a lot of time with him doing his rehabilitation and then after he finished it, the right leg then went and I had to repeat his rehabilitation. Due to this, he has arthritis in both his back legs but that doesn’t stop him! Mason loves a groom and we spend a lot of time cuddling on the grass while I groom him. We also go on long walks around country parks as loves a swim!

I used to have a cat called Smudge who died when he was 8 due to injuries caused by getting hit by car. While he was alive he got into a lot of fights with different cats in my neighbourhood which meant he was always coming home with cuts and loose claws. I spent a lot of my time with him, cleaning up his wounds and preventing infection. I am used to giving medication with both dogs, cats and horses I have had to do with all of them.

My current cat is called Casper he is 2 and the complete opposite of Smudge! Casper likes to talk, he is always meowing and he does over anything. He likes a cuddle and a fuss especially if he gets treats! Casper spends most of his time out the house, around at the neighbours as they have cats! But he always stays in if the weather is miserable.

I studied level 2 and 3 horse care and management at Moulton College, Northampton and during this time I ended up full loaning a horse called Bella of the yard. When I got her she had a broken splint bone so I spend a lot of time doing rehabilitation with her and getting her back to full fitness with limited resources.

I have also recently studied a level 3 veterinary assistant course.