Lizard Fun Facts

There are almost 5,000 lizard species.

Most lizards have movable eyelids and can blink (a few can’t blink, like the geckos).

Lizards smell with their tongue—like snakes.

Lizards shed their skin.

If caught by the tail, to escape, most lizards can break their tail off at a weak vertebra link and later grow another. The new grown tail is smaller and has no bones.

The largest lizard is the Komodo dragon—it can reach 10 feet in length. Komodo dragons are patient hunters: they bite their prey and wait sometimes for days for the prey’s slow death.

Some lizards, in order to protect themselves, can squirt blood 2-4 feet out of their eyes.

Some lizards can live over 30 years—the record, 33 years and 11 months, is held by a Mexican beaded lizard.

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