I often like to visit my daughter in Oxford

To whom it may concern
I often like to visit my daughter in Oxford. I would prefer to take my dogs with me but she doesn’t have the room to accommodate them. I don’t like putting them in kennels as this upsets and stresses them out – they don’t eat or drink and get very depressed while they are in, so much that I have had to cut short my visit in the past in order to take them out.
Preseli Animal Homecare take care of my dogs while I am away and also water my plants for me. I am an avid gardener and have a greenhouse full of cuttings and plants that require watering every day. I know that when I return, my dogs will have been well fed, watered and exercised and my plants will be alive and healthy.
If you’ve got animals and plants, you can totally rely on these people to look after them.
Mrs M

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