How to Clean your Cat’s Ears

Every cat wants to be independent. They can control how much they eat, can open doors, and even groom themselves on a regular basis.

However, even the most attentive feline occasionally needs their pet parent to give them a safe, thorough cleaning of their ears. While vets are trained to do a great at job at this, cat ear cleaning is something you can easily do if yourself when properly shown how.

Why Should You Clean your Cat’s Ears

Cats are constantly licking their fur, paws, and pretty much anywhere they can easily reach. But what about their ears? 

Luckily, cat ears come with a built in mechanism that pushes unwanted particles out of the ear. However, this mechanism doesn’t work all the time; sometimes your cat will need help with this cleaning.

Being an independent entity, cats love to explore anything that sparks their curiosity. This can cause them to venture into places such as the backyard where large, tough particles can get into their ear canals.

Certain particles are far too stubborn to be removed by your cats built in removal system. This is when it is a good time to clean your cats ears. 

The anatomy of most cats ears makes them fairly easy to clean. The are short, and give a nice view of inside regions. Some breeds of cats have an excess amount of hair in the ear canals which can making cleaning difficult. If this is the case, leave the ear cleaning up to a local groomer or veterinarian.

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