How to Choose the Best Name for your Pet

Pets have always been important for most homes and are taken care of just like a new baby, who has been brought from the hospital.

Choosing a unique and fitting pet name can be tough, especially if you’ve just adopted a pet in the shelter or another family that already includes a name.

If you’re naming a recently born animal, you will have to figure out what distinct personality traits or characteristics the pet has to ensure that her name reflects her nature.

Famous Names

Look for famous pet names ever, as they can be a good source of inspiration for naming your pet. Select a name of a famous poet or perhaps a famous character in history, for those who like to turn your pet into a little celebrity. Several such notable names include Old Yeller, Lassie, Buddy, Benji, Rover and Rufus.


If the pet is all black, you can name it Midnight or Shadow. In terms of other shades and patterns of your pet, you are able to opt from Soft Spice, Energize, Lemon Squash, Bermuda and Matt.

Certain Characteristic or Personality Trait

Usually, pet owners select a name according to their personality or trait they have. For a pet that is affectionate and runs fast, you are able to name Sweety or Speedie. For one that’s playful, you can call him Rascal.

Names Starting with Hard Consonants

Names that start with K, T, M or S are simpler to recognize and pronounce those beginning with a vowel or other consonants. Such names are often picked up by dogs, particularly in a crowd or other noisy setting. Be sure that the name does not rhyme with or appear to be a word you might use in training your pet.

Short and Sweet

Lengthy names make it difficult to train the pet. Because most dogs are sensitive, they have to hear only the first few syllables of their name to react. In the event you wish to choose an especially long name, shorten it to some nickname having only one or two syllables.

Battle of the Bands

You are able to select the name of a band you want or the name that best fits your pet. Consider the chart of Top singles and albums for selecting one. Few examples include Goldfrapp (for any gerbil), Pulp (for a Alsatian), Pink (for a gecko) and Black Eyed Pea (for any rabbit).

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