Horses Dogs and Cats

Preseli Animal Homecare have looked after our horses dogs and cats whilst we are away for 3 years now.

Now the only worry I have is that they can’t cover the weeks I want!

Over this time they have looked after all my animals 2 elderly dogs (now passed away) 2 young puppies (now grown up) 2 cats and up to 5 horses including a couple of oldies who need special care.

Julia and her team have been marvellous their care faultless and always absolutely professional.

I had a horse that needed an abscess treating a vet calling at 11pm the night before I left for a 10 days away Julia came in the next morning and took over no problem.

Her sitters treat the house with respect it is always clean tidy as well as following instruction on the animals carefully.

I am already planning next years holidays as I need to book early as no other sitters will do.

Jackie – 01239 698741
October 2013

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