Hope sites a hive of activity with introduction of 100,000 bees

One hundred thousand honey bees have been introduced at two Derbyshire quarries and biodiversity in surrounding areas improved, to support the nationwide campaign to grow Britain’s bee population.

Hope Construction Materials, the UK’s leading independent supplier of concrete and cement, has introduced 100,000 bees across its two largest operations – Hope Cement Works, Hope Valley and Dowlow Quarry near Buxton, in Derbyshire.

In both locations, the three-mile radius that surrounds the quarry where the hives have been placed contains a sustainable nectar supply, predominantly from wild cherry plants, buttercups and daisies, making it the perfect environment for the honeybees.

Hope’s Alan Porter caring for the new honey bee colonies at Hope Works

The environment around the quarries and the substantial access to food and water makes both locations perfect for the hives to thrive.

Hope’s bee installation is the latest in a number of tangible steps by the company to improve biodiversity and enhance the sustainability of the quarries. Alongside the installation of the honeybee hives, Hope is working towards the development of the surrounding environments to support bumblebees, whose populations have suffered a decline in recent years. Both of Hope’s quarries are surrounded by a variety of wildflowers including Birds Foot Trefoil, Red Clover and Marsh Orchids.

The company hopes to produce up to 40lbs of ‘Hope Honey’ per hive for employees, local residents and businesses next year. The Hope bees are cared for directly by Hope’s employees, Assistant Quarry Managers Alan Porter and Tom Herrick, who both have a keen interest in bees.

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