Prepare for your Holiday

Plan Ahead

  • Inform your vet ahead of time that Preseli Animal Homecare will be looking after your pets for you while you’re away
  • When providing an extra key, be sure it works first
  • Have extra supplies available in the event you cannot return when expected
  • Leave everything needed for the pet sitter in one general area
  • If requiring night visits, put a timer on lights so we can find the keyhole easily
  • Alert the alarm company of authorized person in home
  • Leave some emergency numbers behind (ie. plumber, electrician, etc)
  • Take a note of our details, just in case you need to contact us should you be delayed

Prepare Your Home

  • Thermostat adjusted to desired temperature level suitable for pets
  • Waste bins emptied and placed in outside bin
  • All toilet lids down
  • All off-limit rooms have their doors closed
  • All cabinet doors closed in both bathroom and kitchen
  • Remove any spoilt food from refrigerator
  • Dirty dishes cleaned and put away
  • Timers on desired indoor and outdoor lights
  • All areas of fence secure and gate is locked/closed
  • All doors and windows closed and locked
  • All appliances off and unplugged
  • Washing machine & dryer lid closed
  • All supplies out for pet sitter and placed in one general area
  • Neighbour notified of absence and sitter’s visits
  • Last minute instructions for sitter placed on counter
  • Alarm Company alerted
  • All pets are inside home when leaving (if pet escaped, inform sitter)