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A homestay is a fantastic option for when you are planning to be away overnight, especially if you have dogs. Your dog or dogs are able to stay in their own home and enjoy their home luxuries without even realising you’ve gone away.

They get fed, watered and walked throughout the day, just the same as in kennels but with us they get to sleep in their own bed, with familiar smells around them and they get a warm body to sleep up next to at night (if they’re allowed on the bed, of course!).

Stress free care

When your dog is taken out of his or her own loving environment, this could potentially cause them a certain amount of stress. Cats can also suffer if removed from their home and placed in a confined area, especially if they are used to the freedom of going in and out during the day. Having a pet sitter in your home eliminates these possibilities.

While staying at your home, our Carers follow out your instructions at all times so you can enjoy your time away without a worry. They will arrive an hour before you leave so you can go over your animal requirements with them and they will stay until you return (or as agreed), ensuring total continuity of care throughout the whole booking.

Your Carer will reserve an hour or two at the end of their assignment just in case you are delayed on your return home. Should your Carer become ill during their stay, we have an emergency backup policy in place to ensure that your animals and home receive continuous cover.

Martin with llamaAs an added benefit to having your animals looked after, we can provide security coverage of your home – which we can offer you, even if you don’t have any animals! This presence will not only deter vandals and burglars but also keep your home aired and lived in.

There are two levels of homestay packages available – Gold or Platinum. Please contact us for a quote which will be based on a daily rate, not on the amount of animals you have. There is also a one off mileage charge at 40p/mile from the sitters home to yours and back again. We also ask if you could leave a little welcome basic food parcel for your sitter which includes of milk and bread so they can make ‘Tea and toast’ when they first arrive.

  • The Gold Standard means that the carer will not be gone for more than three/four hours at any one time

  • The Platinum Standard is where the carer ensures that they stay in your home for the full duration of the stay with the exception of quick visits to the local shop to top up basic provisions.

Prices start at £45/day. Please note that Easter, Christmas and New Year holidays are all chargeable at double time rates.