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easipetcare surgeries are built around the needs of you and your pet. We have everything you will ever want from blood test and dentistry to routine and major surgical procedures and digital X-rays. These services are there to ensure that the pet you are passionate about leads a happy healthy life and are all delivered by your caring and skilled easipetcare team.

We also have a significant number of vaccination clinics. easipetcare vaccination clinics enable you to get your pet protected at a brilliant price, at convenient locations, delivered by a caring qualified veterinary surgeon.

At easipetcare during normal daytime hours no appointment is necessary, we are just delighted to see you when it’s convenient for you to pop down. We aim to be up to 40% lower in cost relative to other vets so offering you and your dear pet a brilliant service at a better price.


Visit our easipetcare Centres

The easipetcare veterinary centres are located in many towns across England, and are fully equipped with the most up-to-date facilities you could wish for – laboratory, radiography, hospital and surgical facilities. Your friendly easipetcare vets specialise in giving high levels of care at the most affordable of prices.

We have long opening hours – No appointment is necessary.

We are here and ready to treat your best furry friend at a time you choose. You’ll be amazed at the parking – there’s so much of it – right outside your easipetcare centres!

Visit their website for more details.

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