Dachshund adopts tiger cub in German zoo

A tiger cub born at Germany’s Stroehen Zoo has already experienced the loss of two mother figures in its short life. The cub was rejected by its mother shortly after its birth. Things began looking up when the cub was adopted by Monster, a wirehaired dachshund that belonged to the zoo’s owners. But Monster himself died unexpectedly.

After Monster’s death, his daughter Bessi (shown here with the cub) took over mothering duties — indeed, a zoo representative said she “fell in love” with the infant and has proved a capable guardian.

More photos of Bessi and her as-yet-unnamed charge after the jump!



– See more at: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/unleashed/2009/05/dachshund-adopts-tiger-cub-in-german-zoo.html#sthash.5ek6DsQU.dpuf

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