Pet Sitting Services – Single visits

A basic home visit will cost you £8. This cost will cover up to a 45 minute visit to your home. If you require a longer visit, our charges are £11/hour, £22 for 2 hours, £25 for between 2-4 hours or £45 for 4-8 hours.


House Sitting – Homestays

There are 2 different types of house sitting services available so you can design your own package depending on your own requirements.

  • The Gold Standard @ £45/day means that the carer will not be gone for more than four hours at any one time.

  • The Platinum Standard @ £55/day is where the carer ensures that they stay in your home for the full duration of the stay with the exception of quick visits to the local shop to top up basic provisions.

There is no extra charge for food but we ask that you provide a basic ration food package to include milk and bread for your sitter on arrival. We also ask that you make up a bed for your sitter.


Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare is £45/day + £5 if evening service is required up to 10pm. This is for total cover throughout the day – eg from 9am until 5pm.

Mileage Charges

For all options there will be a mileage charge from the sitters house to the clients and return, ie as a round trip at 40p per mile (or 30p per mile for homes further than 100 miles away from your sitter). Please contact us for a full mileage quote.

Please note that for all services (excluding the mileage charge), Christmas, New Year and Easter holidays are chargeable at double time.

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