Chapter 5

After a two hour uneventful journey they arrived back at the house to find a policewoman standing guard outside the front door and a police car parked nearby.

“What’s going on?” demanded Martin.

“Are you Mister Jones Sir?” asked the policewoman. “Is this your house?”

Martin nodded.

“ Can I have a word with you inside please.”

Martin unlocked the front door and led the way into the lounge. Julia went straight into the kitchen and released the two dogs and they went bounding into the lounge to jump all over Martin, glad to see him back again.
Julia gave the dogs their bone treats and after sniffing at the policewoman and wagging their tails they settled down in front of the electric fire which Julia had put on to add a little extra warmth.

“So can you tell me what this is all about?” Martin asked again.

The policewoman, who introduced herself as constable Edwards, explained that there had been an attempted break in to the property, but before the intruders were able to affect an entry they were disturbed by a passer by who then rang the police.

“The intruders were more than likely chancers, but I’m surprised that they even attempted to break into this house with your two dogs barking the way they did.” Barney looked at P.C. Edwards with his big brown innocent eyes and Dylan chewed at her shoe laces.

“I would like you to come down to the station in the morning. Form filling you understand. If everything’s alright I’ll wish you a goodnight then.”

With affirmations they saw the policewoman to the door, then went back into their lounge.

Julia became excited.
“James! It must have been James who came back, to try and find the key.”

“Jules you don’t know that. Like P.C. Edwards said it was more likely to be chancers.”

“Ignoring Martin’s remark Julia continued with her thoughts

“He must be desperate to get his hands on the golden dragon in Michael’s box. After all, it must be worth a small fortune. I’m glad we posted they key to the police. I felt uncomfortable keeping it in my purse. We’ll let the police sort it all out now.”

“Exactly. Now let’s think about food. I’m starving again.”

“Grilled cheese toastie?”


The nest morning, while Julia and Martin were still eating their breakfast the phone rang. Julia answered wondering if this could be one of her clients.

“Julia Jones? This is Jenny Warriner. You came to see me in the estate agents shop yesterday.”

“Yes. Hello Jenny. Is this about the old farmhouse?”

“No sorry, I’ve not heard anything more from the vendors. This is personal I believe that you walk dogs?”

“Um Yes.”

“My mother usually walks Meg for me during the day, but today she’s not well and as I have to go out I was wondering if you could possible take Meg for her usual walk around 11 o clock?”

Julia looked at the time. Barney and Dylan would need a walk, and then she had to pop into the police station with Martin, but she should be free by eleven. Martin had decided to go over to find Arthur and talk to him about his dog Bob so this would fit into their plans nicely, leaving the afternoon free for a drive out to see the old farmhouse in the afternoon.

“Eleven will be fine.” answered Julia “I shall need your address, and can you tell me if there is anything special I should know about Meg?”

“I live on the edge of town, on Haven Road. The Laurels. It’s a bungalow, you can’t miss it. It has a boat on the front drive, which belongs to my ex-husband.” She paused. “Meg is a friendly little Westie and her favourite walk is along this road towards Haven End, turn right at the crossroads, then downhill until you come to the brook at the bottom. That’s as far as she goes. You will walk that way won’t you?”

“Yes there shouldn’t be a problem with that. How do I get into your bungalow.?”

“I’ll leave the key under a stone next to the Hydrangea bush. Will you pop it through the letter box when you leave please.”

After exchanging a few more formalities Julia rang off and turned to Martin,

“That was Jenny Warriner. Ex wife of James. Am I doing the right thing here? It’s a bit isolated out that way.”

“There are a few houses along the road to the brook. It’s lovely in the summer there. When I was a boy I used to got fishing for tiddlers in that brook.”

“I’ll remember to take my fishing net and jam jar then.” joked Julia. “Right. Let’s get these dogs walked and then get down to the police station. I hope they don’t keep us too long there.”

Entering the police station the first person Julia saw was James Warriner. They stared at each other for a few moments before James was ushered into one of the interview rooms.

Julia and Martin went up to the desk, and giving their names and explaining what had happened yesterday afternoon regarding the break in, they were told to take a seat.

After a few moments a man came out of one of the rooms and introduced himself as D.I. Matthews. He looked to be in his early forties and was dressed casually in jeans and sweat shirt. His fair hair fell over his face and he brushed it back with his hand. Indicating the room he had just come from, he led them in and offered them coffee which they both declined.

Pushing a letter across the desk he said. “Mrs Jones this came in the post this morning. Please tell me all you can about it.”

Julia could see that it was her letter of yesterday explaining about Michael’s key and about the golden dragon they had found in the box at the airport.

“We actually came to see you about the attempted break in to our property yesterday afternoon.” Martin explained. “But we do want to speak to someone about the key as well.”

“I am wondering if the two things are connected. Does anybody besides the two of you know about the key?”

“James Warriner suspects that I found the key in Michael Shelley’s house on the day he went missing.” explained Julia. “I was the person who reported that Michael’s house had been ransacked. I had gone to pick up Michael’s dog at his request. You should have a report on it. Have you got James Warriner in custody.”

“No. Mr. Warriner is just making a statement. It was he who reported the intruders. He happened to be passing with his dog at the time. What I would like you to do is make a statement regarding everything that happened from the time you went to Mr. Shelly’s house. Every detail will help us in our enquiries regarding Mr. Shelly’s disappearance.”

“What about the security box and it’s contents?.” Asked Martin.

“We are arranging for the contents of the box to be brought to us today before we decide what action should be taken. Now if you wouldn’t mind Mrs Jones.”

D.I. Matthews passed Julia a note pad and pen, and taking Martin with him they left the room.

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