Celtic Quest Coasteering

sshow-coasteering-jumpsWhat is Coasteering?
Pembrokeshire Coasteering is an outdoor activity exploring the coast at sea level. All Coasteering sessions with Celtic Quest are tailored to suit your groups expectations and abilities and can include cliff jumping, scramble climbing, adventure swimming, rock hopping and more.

Where can we do Coasteering?
We meet you at the beach. We’ll bring all the adventure kit with us. After an introduction your group will get changed, listen to a safety brief, then you’re off.

What do we need to bring?
You’ll need swimwear, a towel, an old pair of shorts and a pair of old trainers. We provide the rest, including – winter steamer wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets, neoprene wetsuit gloves, hoods and socks.

What’s the minimum age and group size?
Our minimum age is 8 years. We have no minimum group size, individuals and small groups are welcome, we can also accommodate larger groups.

When can I Coasteer and how long does it last?
Activities start at 9.30am and 2pm daily, we operate all year round in Pembrokeshire, Wales. On a typical Coasteering activity we’ll be in the sea for approx 2 hours.

sshow-coasteering-walesWhat if I can’t swim?
No problem, your wetsuit and buoyancy aid are super floaty, so you just go with the flow. Your Guide will be close at hand throughout the activity and all elements are optional.

Will I get cold and what if it’s raining?
Your first dip will be refreshing, after that the wetsuits get to work and will keep you toasty warm throughout your adventure. Rain or shine – we can Coasteer, as you’ll be getting very wet anyway.

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