Cat Quiz

FAQ Cats – True or False?

Interesting Q&A about cats.

How much do you know about cats? Here’s some interesting true or false facts about them. Test your knowledge… Answers at bottom of page.

1: Some cats have lived more than thirty years

2: Manx cats are expert climbers

3: Sight is the last of the cat’s senses to develop

4: A falling cat always lands on its feet

5: Abyssinian cats originally came from Abyssinia

6: Dick Whittington and his cat really existed

7: ‘Mao’ is the Chinese word for cat

8: The colour of a kitten’s eyes changes as it grows older

9: An adult cat has thirty-two teeth

10: A female cat may be physically mature at eight or nine months

11: Raw meat is good for cats

12: The Danes introduced the domestic cat into England

13: The short-haired Blue Cream is not an officially recognised breed in Britain

14: The long-haired Blue Cream is not an officially recognised breed in Britain

15: The Havana cat was introduced to Britain from the United States in 1952

16: Some cats have six toes on their fore feet

17: There are only four wild cats in captivity in Britain

18: The cheetah is the only type of wild cat which does not possess retractable claws

19: The colocollo is a South American wild cat

20: The colobus is an African wild cat


1 = True
2 = True
3 = True
4 = False
5 = False
6 = True
7 = True
8 = True
9 = False
10 = True
11= True
12 = False
13 = False
14 = False
15 = False
16 = True
17 = False
18 = True
19 = True
20 = False

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