If you don’t need someone to stay overnight we can make visits to your home as many times a day as required to care for your animals – whatever you’ve got or how many.

We currently only have sitters who can do pet sitting visits within the Pembrokeshire and Northamptonshire areas. Visits to your home include caring for any animal you may have, dog walking and puppy sitting. The sitters are also experienced with all aspects of horse care, poultry, farm animals, cats and other domesticated pets.

During that visit, we can also collect the post, turn lights on and off, open and close curtains, water the plants, take the rubbish out, etc.

The cost of a basic visit of up to 45 minutes starts at £8. If you require a longer visit, then please contact us for a quote. There is also a mileage charge of 40p/mile.

Whisky snuggled up to mummyCat Naps

Cats especially do not like to be moved. Your cats get to stay in their familiar surroundings and still receive all the care and attention they need demand.

They will be fed and watered with the litter trays cleaned out and re-filled as necessary – after all, we all know how cats like things kept clean!! But most importantly your cats will get the pampering, fuss and attention they know they deserve.

Please note that Easter, Christmas and New Year are all chargeable at double time rates.