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Aeron vets is a truly mixed practice consisting of four veterinary surgeons, dealing with a wide range of animals from Friesian’s to ferrets and a support team of animal care assistants and admin staff – to provide back up and to occasionally keep the vets in check.

Our aim is to provide the best professional care for you and your animals, so if you are seeking treatment or advice please do contact us.

We currently have two premises, the main recently developed surgery located in Cilau Aeron with excellent parking facilities, and a smaller branch surgery and accounts office in Aberaeron.

Out of surgery hours – we use a dedicated veterinary call service who will be on hand to take your details and notify the on call vet. This is designed to give you peace of mind that your emergency will be dealt with as soon as possible. Sometimes our welsh place names give them a little difficulty with the spelling though, so please do be patient!

Small Animal Services

Here at Aeron vets we offer a wide range of services and are always available 24hrs for emergencies. We routinely perform:-

– Consultations
– Soft tissue surgery
– Neutering
– Basic Orthopaedic surgery
– Radiography
– Scanning for pregnancy
– Electrocardiography
– Dental procedures, routine scaling and polishing
– Blood sampling, both in-house and referral
– Urine analysis, both in-house and referral
– Hospitalisation
– Pet Passport Scheme
– Microchipping
– Vaccinating
– Home visit consultations

Advice for Small Animals

Visit their website for more information on any of the following subjects or contact them directly for further veterinary advice regarding your pet if you have any concerns.

– Vaccination
– Pre and Post Operative FAQs
– Microchipping
– Flea Control
– Worming
– Home Visits
– Pet Passport Scheme
– Firework Advice
– Parvovirus- what is it
– Useful Small Animal Contact Numbers
– Epilepsy

Although we at Aeron Vets hope that any advice you have gained from the information provided on our website has been helpful, it is not meant to be a substitute for a veterinary consultation. We ask that if you require specific help for your pet, please contact us directly on 01570 470100.

Also we would ask you to be aware that although we try to keep our information accurate there may be a delay in the updating of some or part of the website.

Small Holders

Here at Aeron Vets we are seeing more and more small holders setting up, and find ourselves treating lots of farm pets. We have had to learn quite quickly how to deal with some of our more uncommon species, and now regularly treat;

Water Buffalo
Game Birds

We offer a comprehensive range of services for smallholders and farm animal pet owners including;

– Treatment of individual cases and full 24hr emmergency service
– Advice on routine husbandry and procedures including worming and vaccination
– Farmer training and discussion evenings / FEC days
– Ectoparasite control
– Assistance with ‘birthing’ difficulties and fertility work
– Blood sampling for MV and CAE schemes
– Minor surgical procedures such as vasectomy, hernia correction, castration and mending fractures

From a couple of goats in the back yard to a herd of fleece producing alpacas, we understand how important your animals are to you.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs as a smallholder.

Equine Services

Aeron vets has a strong tradition of equine fertility work has has recently started using Artificial Insemination techniques to good effect. We also offer a wide range of services including;

– Vetting s (2 stage and 5 stage)
– Vaccinations
– Castrations
– Passporting
– Lameness work ups
– Colic examinations and emergency visits
– Minor soft tissue surgery and stitch ups
– Reproduction and obstetrics
– Microchipping
– Registration of Spanish Horses PRE-ANCCE
– Worming

We are often on call for the various local riding club events and from dressage to hunter trialing- not a problem as one of our vets is usually competing herself anyway!

We have close links to the busy competition centre and livery yard Celaeron which is literally a mile down the road, and so can be on hand for emergencies at events to routine vaccinations at lesson times.

We also have a good working relationship with the specialist equine referral hospital Cotts Farm in Narbeth, Pembrokeshire. Cotts Farm Equine Hospital is the only RCVS approved equine hospital in Wales, and it means that we are able to send horses there that require more specialised advanced treatments, as well as emergency colic surgeries.

We are also the only vets in the immediate area able to register pure bred Spanish Horses for the PRE ANCCE Stud Book.

Farm Animal Services

Aeron Vets has a strong tradition of farm animal work and we have a team of experienced farm animal clinicians who play an important part in the local farming community. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide the best possible cover, emergency treatment and advice.

We tend to tackle most of the problems encountered on farms, and the services we offer regularly include;

– Fertility work and pregnancy diagnosis
– Mastitis management
– Herd Health Planning
– Cow and Sheep Obstetrics
– Surgical Procedures
– Disease Management
– Rational use of Wormers and FEC’s
– Neonatal Medicine
– Calf Respiratory Disease Management
– Ram Vasectomies
– Bull Fertility Assessments
– Ministry Work
– Close Links with the VLA

Our aim is to provide the farmer with health care tailored to the needs of his individual herd, alongside an efficient emergency and out of hours service.

Disease Control: We try to integrate our veterinary services as part of a whole farm pro-active/preventative medicine approach, and help farmers to achieve disease control through the use of coordinated vaccination programmes, based on the individual farm problems identified. We use bulk milk sampling, blood testing and an in house faecal egg counting service to aid diagnosis, and monitor the disease status of the farm.

Mastitis: We have a couple of vets with a specific interest in mastitis and who keep up to date with all the current industry research, so we are able to provide current analysis and treatments for your mastitis problems. We can arrange assessments of the parlour and milking routine, laboratory investigation and interpretation, analysis of NMR and CIS milk records, individual cow treatment in outbreaks and regular continued advice on the management of persistent high cell count cows.

Fertility: Fertility management is key to meeting production targets as reproductive efficacy is a major limiting factor in the economic success of cattle operations, and as vets we can help with- early scanning for pregnancy, investigation and treatment of non bulling cows, monitoring of oestrus detection, and interpretation of farm records and bull fertility testing.

Calf Health: The recovery of healthy calves and their development into replacement heifers is key in getting a productive herd, and the production of quality beef crosses can be an important income source. (link to understanding and preventing infectious calf diarrhoea)

Lameness Control: Even basic things such as lameness can improve with veterinary input. We can assist with investigation into the causes of lameness per individual farm, and advise on foot bathing protocols as well as the treatment of afflicted cows.

Please visit their website for more information.

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