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How does adopting a donkey help?

Your adoption of £24 will last 1 year and the money we receive helps us fund the ongoing welfare of donkeys here in the UK and overseas.

For this you will receive our new adoption pack which includes a frame and photographic portrait of your chosen donkey with a certificate for you to display. Some information on your donkeys background and personality, four stunning postcards, and a membership card. You will also receive access to all sorts of online treats like our dedicated Facbook and Twitter accounts, our exclusive app for your mobile device, and access to our donkey webcams.

You will also receive regular updates during the year about your donkey and invitations to special events.

Can I buy an adoption as a gift?

Yes of course. You can choose to have your adoption pack sent directly to the gift recipient if you wish. Alternatively it will be sent directly to you.

Why is my previous donkey no longer available for renewal?

Some of our donkeys have now left the scheme for a variety of reasons such as ill health or advancing age. It is important that no donkey is available for adoption unless we believe he or she will be able to cope with attention and demands put upon them. We have introduced new donkeys to our scheme which we hope will go on to be very popular additions. If your donkey has left the scheme you may still be able to visit them, please contact the centre for further information.

How do I renew an adoption?

Because our adoption scheme has been re-launched all renewals will be treated as new adoptions. When your adoption is due for renewal we will be in touch to notify you in plenty of time. At that point you will also be able to renew on-line.

Can I adopt more than one donkey at a time?

Yes, we would love you to. Many of our adoption donkeys are good friends with each other and so you are welcome to adopt as many as you like. Here’s how to do it:

1. Choose the first donkey you wish to adopt and then click on ADOPT ME.
2. You will see your chosen donkey in your shopping cart. Click “Add Another Donkey” to choose another.

If you are adopting a gift for more than one person then you will have to do separate transactions for each adoption gift.

Can I add a donation to my adoption?

We would be extremely grateful if you did, every little extra helps us do more. You will be able to add your donation during the checkout process.

To add an additional donation, simply click on the add donation button in the shopping cart confirmation page and enter your additional donation amount in whole pounds.

I live abroad – can I still adopt?

We have supporters all over the world. If the recipient lives abroad the only difference you will notice is that an extra charge will be included to cover the postage.

Can I visit my adopted donkey?

Many of our donkeys offer assisted riding therapy at our UK centres. When they are not working with children you are free to visit them as often as you like throughout the year. It is always advisable though to phone ahead just to confirm availability times. Please see the Sanctuary Addresses section for contact details.

Visit The Donkey Sanctuary for more details.

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