2 dogs and a cat

Mr & Mrs T of Llangwm like to visit their respective mothers every week.

They have 2 dogs and a cat. The dogs don’t get on with each other so they have to be walked separately. The one is a gun dog who is highly trained and intelligent and enjoys hunting things out of the undergrowth and fetching them back to you.

They live right on the shore of Black Tar so he always has a daily splash in the water. He sleeps outside in a very cozy shed with his own bed and TV (the TV is for Mr T when he sits with his dog). The dog is on medication at the moment as he’s getting on a bit now and has problems with his hips.

Their other dog is a collie. A total lunatic who absolutely goes nuts on his walks. Will taunt the other dog if not controlled through its gate.

Mr & Mrs T often go sailing (somewhere hot!) and do so with peace of mind that Preseli Animal Homecare will look after their animals without putting either of them in harm of each other.


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