15 Fantastic Hedgehog Facts


Who doesn’t love hedgehogs? From their little spikes to their cute beady eyes, there are many things to love about this adorable and loveable animal. Hedgehogs have been domesticated since 4 B.C and permanently immortalized in our culture through characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog.

1. Hedgehogs have excellent senses of smell and hearing, but very poor eyesight.

2. Hedgehogs have about 5,000 spikes each. The spikes last about a year each, fall out, and then a new one grows in its place.

3. There are 15 different species of hedgehogs.

hedgehog eating worms4. Slugs, beetles, and caterpillars are staples in the hedgehog’s diet. Their eating habits have earned them the title “gardener’s friend.”

5. Hedgehogs are born in litters ranging from one to eleven.

6. Hedgehogs who live in cold climates hibernate in the winter, and in warmer climates they sleep through heat and drought.

7. Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals who sleep during the day and come out at night.

8. Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant.

9. Hedgehogs’ coats provide them with a formidable defense from their predators, such as the fox.

10. When hedgehogs feel intimated they will roll into a ball, protecting their stomach which is the their vulnerable spot.

11. A baby hedgehog is called a hoglet.

12. The first hedgehog was domesticated in 4 B.C.

13. Hedgehogs have very long, extending snouts that they use to help forage for food.

14. Hedgehogs are primarily solitary animals who only pair up to mate.

15. Hedgehogs can run up to six feet per second.

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