10 Ways to Cure Doggy Boredom During Bad Weather

10 Ways to Cure Doggy Boredom During Bad Weather

There is nothing worse than a bored dog stuck in a house while the rain pours or the snow plies up. Not only is it annoying, but your house can suffer if your dog relieves his boredom by destroying your house. Here are ten ways to cure that boredom without ruining your belongings.

#1 – Earn a Trick Dog Title

Do More With Your Dog! Is the only official sanctioning and organizing body for dog tricks. You can teach your dog tricks of your choosing and earn titles from the comfort of your own home. It’s a great way to burn your dog’s physical and mental energy even when the weather is bad.

#2 -Take an Online Class

Can’t leave your house? Take an online obedience or performance class (canine freestyle perhaps?) – learn something new and tire out your dog.

#3 – New Toys

Whether they really are new toys or just a toy your dog hasn’t seen in a while, bringing out something different is a great way to get your dog interested in his toys instead of your new leather shoes. For this reason, it’s always a good thing to have extra toys on hand to rotate out.

#4 – Hide ‘N’ Seek Meals

Make meal time last longer and more fun by hiding your dog’s kibble throughout a room(s) of the house so he has to sniff it out. It also helps a dog that eats to quickly slow down. Make it harder by hiding his kibble underneath things so he has to dig it up.

#5 – Playtime

One of the best ways to relieve boredom is to play with your dog. The interaction and activity is good for you both. Tug or fetch with a soft toy (less likely to break something) are great choices.

#6 – The Come Game

If you have another person around, you can wear out your dog and practice his recall at the same time. Both of you should have a toy and/or treats. You can be in the same room or in difference rooms depending on your dog’s recall level. Then just take turns calling your dog. For the advanced dog, move places while he is with the other person so he has to “find” you each time.

#7 – Go to the Store

It might be too wet and cold for the dog park, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go an outing. Pet friendly stores are a great alternative during the cold winter months. Your dog still gets to see people and other dogs and practice manners and you can get your shopping done at the same time.

#8 – Name That Toy

Another “game” that exercises your dog’s mind involves naming his toys. Start teaching your dog to retriever a certain toy by name. Begin with just one toy and say its name whenever your dog picks it up. Then put that two and another unnamed toy together to “test” your dog. Repeat, adding more and more toys (named and unnamed) into the mix.

#9 – Do the Laundry

Teach your dog to help you by picking up your clothes and putting them in the laundry basket, picking up his own toys and putting them away, etc. Reward your dog at first for picking up the item. Put a basket close by and reward if your dog goes anywhere near it. If your dog has a drop cue, you could use it as first to get them to drop the item in the basket. If not, put a treat by their nose so they drop it. Once they are doing it consistently, add a cue, like “put away your toys.”

#10 – Chewy Sticks

If you don’t have time to play with your dog, but he needs something to do, a good chew stick can really help.

Article taken from the I Love Dogs Site.